Thursday, March 17, 2011

9 Months To Go!

March 17, 2011.

Exactly 9 months from now. JP and I aren't together since I am in Hongkong, and he in Manila. JP working, Me in my pj's, ready to call it a night.
Cake: Sudarra Cake (?--> I couldn't remember the name haha) from PapaGallio HK

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY: JP-Ida Ambigram

Ambigram - a typographical design or artform that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction or orientation.(wikipedia)

I recently saw a friend who just had an ambigram of his kids' names tattooed in his back and I thought to myself, "How cool is that?!"  Imagine seeing some new kind of font that you've never seen before, then turning it around to find the same word, sometimes a new one, still readable.  Since then, my fascination with ambigrams started.

Now that I'm getting married, I know that most paper materials to be used will require my and my fiance's monograms.  I've seen some services in the net that can make one for you for a fee.  But I'm not into monograms. And I'm definitely not one to shell out P500 bucks just to have our initials designed. And, ok fine, I have lots of time in my hands anyways.  So I summed up some courage, told myself that I can be creative enough to come up with something, and decided to design our very own ambigram from nothing.  Here's the raw sketch:

This side says jp.  Can you read it?

If you turn it upside down, here's what it looks like:

It says idA.

Pretty neat, huh? It still needs some polishing and maybe a little bit decor to give it more oomph.  JP said he'll bring it to a graphic designer friend to tweak it.  I'm planning to include this in our invites, but still figuring out how to do it so the guests can easily guess that they are supposed to turn it upside down to read my/ his name. Any suggestions? :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bride's Wedding Ring

JP and I were on the lookout for the perfect pair of rings for some months now.  We've visited mall shops, attended wedding fairs, consulted a jewelry designer, but to no avail.  We found some that we liked, but it was always out of our budget.

Now as I was strolling along in the Midvalley Megamall in KL, Malaysia, casually entering jewelry stores and inquiring about this and that, the salesman I was talking to presented me with something that caught my eye.  I really loved it, and the best part was it was discounted, and I mean HUGELY discounted, at that time!  I couldn't wait to go back to where I was staying to tell JP that I found something that I really liked.  Of course, at the back of my head, a little voice was hesitant to tell him about this. I know it's almost traditional for the bride and groom to shop for their wedding bands together. It's one of those decisions between you and your fiance that really need careful thinking and planning.  But what do you do if you find the one that you want to be on your finger for the rest of your life by yourself, without hubby-to-be by your side? What happens to the careful thinking and planning and discussions between you and your partner?

I couldn't let go of this offer and decided to let him know about this.  I wanted to know if it was fine with him that I buy our rings separately.  JP only had two questions for me: how much is it and do I really like it? I guess I answered both questions correctly because he lovingly gave me a go signal to buy it, and so I did!

my wedding band
It's a half eternity ring, super thin, just the way I wanted it.  It cost around MYR3,000++, but I was so blessed to have met that endearing salesman who gave me a discount on top of a discount on top of a discount. :) I don't think I can find a ring like this with that price anywhere else!

wedding band with engagement ring
I just love how the wedding band enhances the beauty of my engagement ring.  Though it seems that my wedding band will play a supporting role to my engagement ring and not the other way around, I really don't mind.  I treasure the ring that JP gave me as much as, maybe even more than, the one that I bought without him.

Some photos that I took.  I was feeling like a wedding photographer and decided to take a shot at creativity.  I wish I have a camera like theirs, too.

I just love it so much I'm afraid I can't wait for JP to put this on my finger on December!  Ican't even seem to take it off now!

Value I need at this time: Patience.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Theme and Color Motif: Autumn

Yes, we don't have this season in our country.  And yes, most floras around us don't change colors.  So why did I choose this for our wedding theme?

There's something about autumn that mesmerizes me.  Perhaps it's the magical colors of red, orange, yellow and green which reminds me of sunset, my most favorite time of the day, or the signal that the nights will become longer and the cool breeze will come soon.  Maybe it's the fact that it symbolizes harvest time, which i interpret as abundance in all aspects.

These are the colors I decided to use for the wedding:

I can imagine these colors in contrast to the greens in our venue, and then complementing the brick-laden building of Enderun.  It excites me to think that this wedding of ours would somehow feel like an English affair!  Now I wouldn't feel bad not being invited to Prince William and Kate's wedding this April! Haha!

Here's the inspiration board if you put all these colors together:

*photos courtesy of The Perfect Palette Blog

I can't wait to bring autumn to our wedding on December!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Months To Go!

February 17, 2011.

In my first post, I mentioned that JP and I never get tired of celebrating the smallest things.  This time we have something new to celebrate: monthly countdown to our wedding.

I declare that we will officially start celebrating our monthly countdown now! It's also a reason  for us to try out new delectable cakes, pies and whatever dessert we can get our hands on harharhar! So long, diet! :))

Saving the Memories of our Special Day

Church: check. Reception Venue: check.

JP and I were able to breath easily after paying the reservation fees of both locations.  Finally, we have secured the two most important bookings in a wedding. Which means, we finally have an official date! Yay us!

So what to do after this? Suddenly, I'm lost all over again.  Do I take a break after this? Or should I keep on looking for the next suppliers while the momentum is still up? If yes, which supplier should I be booking next?! So many questions and I have no idea what the answers are!  Waahh!!!

And then I remembered, "Why not turn to the forum that you've been following?" And so I did.  I must admit, this forum has helped and is still helping me find the best deals in the wedding world. And the girls are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  It's like having a sorority of girls with the same mission: to get married this year in an elegant yet budget-friendly wedding!

So they advised me to scout for photographer/ videographer for our day.  JP and I are absolutely grateful to his dad for gifting us with a photographer. That means one down, just a videographer to look for.  One of them suggested to get a group of photographers/ videographers who call their company the BlackTieProject.

We met Marco in Shangri-la mall so we can inquire about their services.  He showed us some of their outputs and we were quite impressed.  For a group of photographers/ videographers who is relatively new in the business, they have a potential to make it big.  And because they are not yet a big name, their rates are pretty reasonable.

We thank God for blessing us with people that we need for our most special day!

Next Stop: Church

Now that the search for the venue is done, next thing we had to do is to find a church that is located near the it.  Our targeted area is in the Fort area.  JP said not even Makati will do.  So off i searched in the net about Catholic churches all over the area. The one closest to Enderun is St. Michael the Archangel Chapel along MRT Avenue (formerly Bayani Road), Fort Bonifacio.  So when we went to Enderun to pay our reservation fee, we opted to visit this church as well.

front view

Here's the view when from the door

And the view of the altar:

altar left
altar right

This church's rate ranges from P9,500 (venue only) to about P20,000 (includes flowers, red carpet, aircon, etc.)  For more details, call (02) 845-9555 loc. 6419.