Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes To The Dress!

Before booking a supplier, I've always felt that it was necessary to choose someone who can work with you on different levels: budget-wise and rapport-wise. So it was quite some time before I found my wedding gown maker.  

I first learned about Rei through a GirlTalk sister.  He was a budding fashion designer whose works have been worn by some of the celebrities in the country.  I immediately got down to business and decided to email him my wedding design and budget and asked if he can make it.  Even through the exchange of email, I sensed his courteousness and sincerity.  So JP and I decided to meet him in person.

We went to his house in Mandaluyong to learn more about each other and exchange ideas.  He was very soft-spoken and had suggestions.  We instantly felt comfortable with him and at ease with his ideas.  Right then and there, we picked him to make my gown.

Through word of mouth, his name became instantly known in wedding forums. Recommendations after recommendations gave him a lot of clients in just a short time.  So he decided to completely concentrate on making wedding gowns instead of fashion pieces.

Check out his site: rei rana.

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