Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saving the Memories of our Special Day

Church: check. Reception Venue: check.

JP and I were able to breath easily after paying the reservation fees of both locations.  Finally, we have secured the two most important bookings in a wedding. Which means, we finally have an official date! Yay us!

So what to do after this? Suddenly, I'm lost all over again.  Do I take a break after this? Or should I keep on looking for the next suppliers while the momentum is still up? If yes, which supplier should I be booking next?! So many questions and I have no idea what the answers are!  Waahh!!!

And then I remembered, "Why not turn to the forum that you've been following?" And so I did.  I must admit, this forum has helped and is still helping me find the best deals in the wedding world. And the girls are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  It's like having a sorority of girls with the same mission: to get married this year in an elegant yet budget-friendly wedding!

So they advised me to scout for photographer/ videographer for our day.  JP and I are absolutely grateful to his dad for gifting us with a photographer. That means one down, just a videographer to look for.  One of them suggested to get a group of photographers/ videographers who call their company the BlackTieProject.

We met Marco in Shangri-la mall so we can inquire about their services.  He showed us some of their outputs and we were quite impressed.  For a group of photographers/ videographers who is relatively new in the business, they have a potential to make it big.  And because they are not yet a big name, their rates are pretty reasonable.

We thank God for blessing us with people that we need for our most special day!

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