Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Theme and Color Motif: Autumn

Yes, we don't have this season in our country.  And yes, most floras around us don't change colors.  So why did I choose this for our wedding theme?

There's something about autumn that mesmerizes me.  Perhaps it's the magical colors of red, orange, yellow and green which reminds me of sunset, my most favorite time of the day, or the signal that the nights will become longer and the cool breeze will come soon.  Maybe it's the fact that it symbolizes harvest time, which i interpret as abundance in all aspects.

These are the colors I decided to use for the wedding:

I can imagine these colors in contrast to the greens in our venue, and then complementing the brick-laden building of Enderun.  It excites me to think that this wedding of ours would somehow feel like an English affair!  Now I wouldn't feel bad not being invited to Prince William and Kate's wedding this April! Haha!

Here's the inspiration board if you put all these colors together:

*photos courtesy of The Perfect Palette Blog

I can't wait to bring autumn to our wedding on December!

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